Mathura Brijlall

Group Risk Manager, NPC CIMPOR

September 2010

To: Whom it may concern
From: M .BrijIall
Date: 24th September 2010
Subject: Maintenance Change Process

The continuous challenge in engineering and maintenance is the ability to create a culture whereby the organisation allows employees to perform tasks at the appropriate job profile. It is significant that the functions within the maintenance organisations concentrate on management, inspection, planning, scheduling, execution and continuous improvement.

Real change is only possible when organisations encourage employees to focus on asking the" WHY" rather than the "HOW" question. To this end the functions of Inspection and continuous improvement are a necessity to sustain maintenance as a profit centre.

To this end Harold Robinson has been providing training in Root Cause Failure Analysis to our engineering and production personnel since 2007. Some of our staff attended his public courses, but most of the training received was in-company training. The process was to concentrate his efforts in the Cement operations across the manufacturing plants in Durban, Port Shepstone and Newcastle.

The directive given to Harold was that the overall objective in the training was to improve plant reliability and utilisation. The initiative has been a success, and the training provided by Harold provides the base to our continuous improvement initiative. Investigations into plant problems are done thoroughly and professionally by those who have attended the training.
Harold's training has been very practical with the training materials being adapted to suit NPC's needs. One of the highlights of his in-company training was the inclusion of problems that delegates brought from the plants - it really helped them understand the principles and techniques.

I recommend him strongly for any training in your company.
M. Brijlall (Group Risk Manager)