Mark Veness

Production Director, EDDELS SHOES (Pty) Ltd

July 2012

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26 July 2012
Harold Robinson conducted a consulting assignment in our company to improve the effectiveness of our design department during 2011 and 2012. His brief was to recommend and implement practices that would enable the department to improve their response time and be more productive.
After Harold's initial analysis of the performance of the design department, it was clear to us that significant improvement was needed. He provided a comprehensive set of recommendations, most of which were implemented. These included using the 5S's in the office, implementing performance measures, office redesign and using a visual planning board to track each design assignment. With Harold's guidance and assistance, I was able to operate the board and manage the design assignments using lean techniques.
Harold is able to work with people at all levels, and the advice he gives is well thought out and considered. I strongly recommend him for any consulting assignment. Yours Sincerely

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