Andries van Heerden


May 2014

When Afrimat started implementing a new computerised maintenance management system three years ago, we realised that the present approach and practices by people in the company would not support the system and that a training intervention was needed.

Harold Robinson was tasked with developing and conducting a suitable training course, "Effective Maintenance Management", to teach the principles and best practices of modern maintenance management. The course that Harold designed was not only theoretically sound; it was presented in a very practical fashion. A highlight was the game that he used to demonstrate important trade-offs in making maintenance decisions.

The training was presented to our regions throughout the country. Delegates enjoyed Harold's relaxed style of presentation that encouraged active participation by them, and they left the course with a better understanding of Maintenance Management and some practical techniques that they could apply at the workplace.

As a company, we have gained significant value from his training and would highly recommend him for any training in your organisation.

Andries van Heerden EXECUTIVE OFFICER