Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling is a three-day course which defines the core principles of maintenance management, such as failure behaviour and maintenance tactics and tasks.

Delegates learn how to determine planned maintenance requirements. Thereafter, they will learn to scope a job to determine the requirements and convert it into a comprehensive maintenance instruction.

Delegates will also learn how to develop systems to manage different types of maintenance tasks and their documentation and ensure that equipment history is available.

Long term and short term manpower planning is covered, as is prioritizing and scheduling the work to be done.

This is followed by shutdown planning and the course ends with defining the roles of the maintenance planner and other role players in the planning of maintenance.





What maintenance actually is and why it is becoming so important


Failure behaviour

What we mean by failure, what causes early life failure and the different patterns for end of life failure

Definition of potential and functional failure and how they can be used for planned maintenance

Using the RCM decision tree


Tactics and tasks

Determining the optimum maintenance tactics and associated tasks

Using an FMEA to develop preventive and predictive maintenance tasks


Scoping the maintenance task

Determining all the resources required to carry out the task and estimating the cost


Manpower planning

Calculating the long-term capacity requirements and determining the short-term manpower capacity available



Determining the priority of jobs and scheduling with the available manpower capacity


Work and document management system

Defining maintenance tasks and the documentation to communicate these and the optimum flow of information and developing a comprehensive system


Shutdown management

Whether the shutdown is planned for a few hours or a few weeks, effective planning can save us substantial time and money


Planning and scheduling roles

What are the roles of the different parties involved and what should a maintenance planner’s job description look like?

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