Essential Maintenance Management

Essential Maintenance Management is a two-day course which concentrates on the core principles of maintenance management including failure behaviour and maintenance tactics and tasks.

One of the highlights is the interactive simulation game in which delegates are required to choose maintenance tactics in a competitive environment. Not only is the game a lot of fun, but fundamental learning is gained.

Principles and methods discussed for managing maintenance are just as appropriate for senior production and operations staff; the course provides an ideal communication environment where engineering and operations can gain insight and share experiences to develop a common objective.




What maintenance actually is and why it is becoming so important

Failure behaviour

What we mean by failure, what causes early life failure and the different patterns for end of life failure

Definition of potential and functional failure and how they can be used for planned maintenance

Using the RCM decision tree

Tactics and tasks

Determining the optimum maintenance tactics and associated tasks

Using an FMEA to develop preventive and predictive maintenance tasks

Equipment capability and reliability

How do we determine equipment capacity? Why it is important that we do

Understanding the concepts of reliability, maintainability and availability and how we can use these

Maintenance simulation game

Operating in teams, delegates get to put concepts into practice and compete to see who uses the maintenance tactics to best effect.

Measuring the maintenance effort: commonly used kpi’s

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Using leading and lagging indicators to measure the maintenance effort

Maintenance review: assessing our maintenance maturity

What do world class companies do?

Assessing our maintenance performance

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