Root Cause Analysis

During this workshop, proven Root Cause Analysis (RCA) techniques will be applied to practical case studies. After the course, delegates will be able to:


·         Apply the techniques learnt to their work situation

·         Start solving repetitive problems

·         Achieve substantial performance improvements


Where will the techniques be applicable?


·         Reducing plant and equipment downtime and improving availability and OEE

·         Investigating incidents and improving safety

·         Resolving customer complaints and improving customer service

·         Reducing product defects and improving quality


Participants will also apply the learning to a problem from their own workplace, and will gain a practical insight into RCA.


They will know how to target their problem solving actions so that their efforts are more profound and far-reaching.


The course duration is two days. One day will be spent learning the techniques and applying these to case studies.


Delegates are then given two to three weeks to apply the techniques to a problem from their workplace, which is followed by a feedback session on the second day of training.



The Problem Solving Process – the seven steps in the RCA process          


Initial Evidence Collection and Analysis – how to begin with the RCA


Defining a Problem - making sure that you have sufficient information to fully understand and appreciate the situation and not jump to premature conclusions    


Information Sources and Resources – preparing a plan to gather information and where to find it


Pareto Analysis - your problem solving efforts should be directed where they will have the most effect. This section helps you to prioritise projects


The Flow Process Diagram - how to do a graphic presentation of a process or a sequence of events


Control Barrier Analysis - how effective are the aids we put in place to stop failure from happening


Change Analysis – determining how a failed process differs from one that hasn’t failed


Five Why Analysis – a cause and effect determination process which forms the basis of most problem solving techniques


Logic Tree – an extension of the 5-why process which is useful for more complex problems


Corrective Actions and the PDCA Process – what actions are required to prevent the problem from recurring and how to get commitment to these actions?


Communicating your Findings – the written and verbal communication of the team’s findings to management, colleagues and other interested parties


Organising for Root Cause Analysis – How do we go about making sure that RCA is done throughout the organisation in a structured, sustained manner? Who decides which problems to solve?


The RCA Team – selecting team members and the effective operation of a team

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