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Operations Management Specialist

Harold is an experienced Management Consultant specialising in Operations, with emphasis on Root Cause Analysis, Maintenance Management and Lean Manufacturing. He is a qualified engineer with a BSc Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Wits. Read more...

  • Harold's training has been very practical and delegates have derived substantial benefit from it

  • Harold's training was well structured and effectively delivered

  • Delegates have learnt substantially from Harold's training and are applying the principles and techniques taught

  • Harold Robinson has a genuine love for what he does. I found his courses to be thorough and insightful.

  • Delegates enjoyed Harold's relaxed style of presentation that encouraged active participation

  • Harold is able to work with people at all levels, the advice he gives is well thought out and considered. I strongly recommend him for any consulting assignment

  • Harold's training has been very practical with the training material being adapted to suit NPC's needs

  • I would like to offer my thanks for the professional way in which you conducted the training. The courses not only met but exceeded our expectations

  • I would not hesitate to recommend this course to any company looking to improve their problem solving ability

  • You met the course objective as well as our expectations.

    • Samah Elsadig Awad - Training & Development Manager, SAYGA FOOD INDUSTRIES [ Read more... ]
  • Harold's advice has been sound. He is able to communicate at all levels in the company and his training has been extremely well received

  • Harold's training and coaching reviews have been most beneficial to us. He communicates well with everybody in the company and we appreciate his practical approach



Continuous Improvement with Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is a wonderful technique to eliminate long-standing problems in your business. Achieve a sustained problem solving culture through a step by step implementation. Assistance will be provided in the design of a problem-solving structure, the training of people and the coaching of teams.

Maintenance and Reliability Management

Increase your equipment uptime and reduce the maintenance costs by developing effective maintenance practices. Use the latest reliability engineering techniques combined with world-class maintenance to achieve enormous improvement gains. Professional on-site consulting and training services or a combination of both are available.

Operations Management Consulting

Business Process improvement, Production Management, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management and World Class Manufacturing techniques adapted and applied to your business...

Work Study

Use work measurement, method study and activity sampling techniques to analyse what your staff are doing. This will facilitate improved productivity and manpower planning. Ever wonder what the people in indirect or overhead departments such as finance, design, planning, marketing and human resources actually do? Through the analysis of work volumes and business processes you will get to know what they are doing, and what changes need to be made to ensure that their efforts are directed at the objectives of the business.

Lean Manufacturing

Just-in-time techniques are used to eliminate waste from your manufacturing process and enable you to offer your customers better quality and more reliable lead times. You will also improve your profit margins. Your staff will learn how to identify waste and non-value added activities, and apply lean manufacturing techniques such as creating flow, pull production and visual management.


Use Harold’s practical training to get people to learn principles and techniques that can be used immediately and are directly applicable to their workplace. All the training is accompanied by practical examples with case studies and problems from your organisation to demonstrate the application of the material.

Training courses are adapted for your company. Harold also provides follow-up coaching and facilitation after the training course has been completed.

For more detailed course outlines please contact Carol on carol@haroldrobinson.co.za / +27 82 873 9996

Continuous Improvement with Root Cause Analysis

Apply root cause analysis and problem solving techniques to reduce and eliminate chronic problems that are thwarting your organisation’s efforts at achieving sustained improvements and profitability. During this two-day course, participants will learn to h target their problem solving actions so that their efforts are more profound and far-reaching and will implement lasting solutions to the problems. ... Read more

Essential Maintenance Management

Essential Maintenance Management is a two-day course which concentrates on fundamental principles of maintenance management, such as failure behaviour and maintenance tactics and tasks. The course duration is two days, during which time delegates will learn how the organisation can move from being a reactive maintenance environment to a proactive one.

Maintenance and Reliability Analysis for Industrial Equipment

Become expert at managing your assets more cost effectively through using a combination of statistical and engineering maintenance techniques to predict performance and manage it better. The course duration is three days and covers state-of-the-art reliability engineering principles to improve your overall asset performance.

Lean manufacturing

Improve the profitability of your organisation by eliminating wasteful practices through the application of tested lean techniques such as lead-time and work-in-process reduction and pull production. Over two days, participants will apply the learning by analysing their own workplace and implementing improvements.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Get more out of the maintenance workforce and contractors through the application of best maintenance practice and planning and scheduling techniques. This four-day course takes the delegate from a basic understanding of equipment failure and appropriate maintenance strategies to avoid downtime to detailed planning and scheduling of the maintenance tasks required.

Public courses at Ergo Business Academy (EBDA)

We are now running our public RCA and Maintenance Management courses through Ergo Business Development Academy (EBDA). For more details contact Megan Duckworth at EBDA on 011 742 1019 / 082 417 5520 or megan.duckworth@ebda.co.za


Need someone to reinforce or introduce the benefits of applying Root Cause Analysis, Reliability or Lean Manufacturing? Whether it is for a conference or an in-company meeting, we will deliver a presentation to fit your agenda.

Suggested Topics

    • 'MINOR CRACKS – MAJOR DISASTERS': How to achieve massive performance improvements through repairing the cracks in your business
    • 'ONE SMALL MEETING': Why seemingly routine meetings can be as important to problem solving efforts as the problem solving techniques being used
    • 'RELIABILITY OR BUST': Improving machine reliability takes teamwork as well as understanding failure and applying appropriate technique

    These presentations can be customised in terms of content and duration to fit your requirements. For more information or to arrange a presentation please contact Carol on carol@haroldrobinson.co.za / +27 82 873 9996

Feedback from previous attendees

Paarl Media

Insightful and a strong value added, all businesses should go through this.
A well-known topic but refreshingly and professionally presented with excellent anecdotes that encourages one to check personal mind-sets and adopt a more intensive approach to RCA



WIKA Instruments

It was a great presentation, I particularly appreciated the interactive approach which gave me some insight into how other companies and their employees deal with the subject of problem solving in a real-world environment. It also highlighted how a consistent and structured analysis can overcome decision making based on assumptions and preconceptions.
The session was really a reminder into the power of proper root cause analysis. The examples that he provides are really simple but pertinent to our environment. The amazing thing is that when he drills into the root cause you can see that the actual fundamentals of the plant operation failed, which is very similar to what is happening with us.

AEL Mining Services

VR Steel

The presentation was insightful and well presented. Thank you for your time. Impressive, involved audience, some good food for thought.
Really enjoyed the interactive nature between everyone and hearing about the same problems that we are experiencing. The 5-why analysis made me realise that, as a company, we need to investigate problems properly and develop a pro-active approach instead of a reactive one. Very well presented!!

Tanker Repair Division

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